All Oscar Best Documentary Features on Netflix

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My Octopus Teacher

After years of swimming every day in the freezing ocean at the tip of Africa, Craig Foster meets an unlikely teacher: a young octopus who displays remarkable curiosity.

2020 | 85 min  ⭐8.1

American Factory

In post-industrial Ohio, a Chinese billionaire opens a new factory in the husk of an abandoned General Motors plant, hiring two thousand blue-collar Americans.

2019 | 110 min  ⭐7.4


While investigating the furtive world of illegal doping in sports, director Bryan Fogel connects with renegade Russian scientist Dr.

2017 | 120 min  ⭐7.9


Set against the backdrop of a high school football season, Dan Lindsay and T.

2011 | 113 min  ⭐7.7

The Last Days

Five Jewish Hungarians, now U.

1998 | 87 min  ⭐7.8